When we are traveling is it hard to find the time to write a bunch of request. We have to read hundreds of profiles without even knowing if they are going to like us.

We’re missing to meet a lot of people of our lack of time. One of the main reason why we travel is to meet new people.

But… we’re missing the opportunity to do so.

What if I told you that only writing one request you can access to all the hosts in the city you are going to travel?

There is no need to spend hours searching,instead, focus on travel.

How it works?

1- Write your sign

Write your destination on the sign

Your sign is your destination but only it’s about you. Fill up your profile and tell your hosts who you are.

Share your story. People love stories!

2 – Share your Story

Send your Request, like Smile while you look at the oncoming cars, make the people trust you.

Handytravelers will send your message to all the hosts you want to own. We share your story for you.

Focus on your travel.

3 – Wait for the ride

If they like your story, hosts will send you invitations for their homes. Make sure that you write a nice one. This is very important. If your request is good that would make a big different in the number of invitation that you’ll receive.

4 – Get in!

You choose with whom! Confirm your Stay accepting the invitation you like the most. The system will charge you in this stage for accepting the invitation a fee for using our services.

This help me to grow the site and find the best hosts around the world so you can focus on your travels.

You only pay when you accept the invitation, if you decide to decline or never get any invitation that you like, you’ll never get charge.

Who is behind this project…

I’m Jose. A traveler like you. I dream to create a community full of travelers that help each other to travel the world.

I don’t want to lose any good stories when traveling for don’t have the time.

If you want to support the project, please, share it with your friends!

I hope that we can create a incredible community full of amazing stories to be told.

Thanks for your support.

Buen camino.
José León.